Game Hints

Below are some hints and FAQs. There are no spoilers.

Help! I'm stuck and can't figure out what's next!

First thing to do is figure out ‘where’ they are. (In front of the desk, by the piano, in front of the globe, etc). Then you can ask specific questions about what is in that area.  Asking “what do you see” is a good phrase to use often.

I'm lost, I can't remember where I was last

Asking “Where are you?” is a great way to regain your bearings during the game. From there you can figure out if you want to go somewhere else, or stay where you are at and look around.

I'm still stuck!

Words mean things. So do specific words on specific notes and letters (and other things). Read them carefully.

I have the combination, but it says the lock won't move!

Maybe there is more than one combination lock in the room. Keeping looking!

I tried every number and nothing worked!

Maybe the ‘lock’ wasn’t ready to be unlocked yet. Perhaps you need to activate something else first? One thing leads to another.

How do I save a game?

Click the phone Home button. Go into Settings, and click on Backup Phone.

How do I load game?

Click on the Home button. Go into Settings, click on Restore Phone. This will load the last Backup (saved game). Remember – there is only 1 backup at a time. Backing up the phone will overwrite the previous backup.

Still stuck and need a more specific hint for where you are at? Contact us here.